Fusing Faith & Fitness

As we conclude our focused series on the stewardship of our bodies, I want to encourage you to keep moving! Make an effort each day to move forward with your fitness goals as well as your relationship with the Lord. I’m always awed at how closely caring for our spiritual bodies resembles caring for our physical bodies. Optimizing both involves intentional decisions each moment of the day. Time spent in the Word, on our knees, exercising our bodies, or exercising our hearts, is never wasted.  

FMF-FiT is looking forward to spending time with our brothers and sisters at Light and Life Park in Lakeland, Florida, during the last week of February. If you are interested in having FMF-FiT at your camp, retreat, or conference this year, please contact me! And if you are interested in keep up with FMF-FiT, please visit my blog.

The information in FMF-FiT is brought to you by Richard Morton, Strategic Initiatives Analyst at FMF Financial Services and a certified fitness coach. Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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