Living Inside the Box

The personal space that surrounds us is about a two-foot square. This "box" moves with us when we walk, when we reach up to get something off a shelf, or when we bend down to pick something up. God designed us to move freely inside this space. Unfortunately, as we age, we likely begin to lose some of the freedom to move effortlessly. The good news is this - you don't need to just accept this as the reality of getting older!

It's true that none of us can do what we did ten years ago. But to throw up your hands and concede to the ageing process is a mistake. I know this from personal experience and from working with folks "of a certain age". None of us, your or old, take up a physical activity without some effort or discomfort. However, with regular exercise, those initial aches and pains can gradually diminish or even disappear, usually in about four weeks. The sensation of well-being and the confidence gained is well worth the physical discomfort experienced at the beginning.

Helping you move more effortlessly inside your "box" is the goal of FMF-FiT. Below are three stretches that will help you develop and maintain your flexibility. They are suitable for any age.


Glute Bridge (10 repetitions)

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet as close to your pelvis as possible.
  • Press down through your heels and lift your pelvis off the floor.
  • Continue lifting until your body makes a straight line from your shoulders to your knees (your shoulders should still be on the floor). Keep your knees in line with your feet.
  • Hold at the top before lowering back down.

Seated Stretch

  • Sit with legs extended straight in front of you.
  • Cross your right leg over your left, planting your right foot outside your left knee.
  • Twist to the right, placing your left elbow outside your right knee, and look over your shoulder.
  • Hold, then repeat on the other side.

Wall Calf Stretch

  • Standing near a wall, place the toes of your right foot on the base of the wall.
  • Lean in towards the wall, feeling the stretch in your calf. Make sure not to bend your back leg - only go as far as you can while keeping it straight.
  • Hold, then repeat on the other side.

The information in FMF-FiT is brought to you by Richard Morton, Strategic Initiatives Analyst at FMF Financial Services and a certified fitness coach. Always consult your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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