Immanuel University


Thank you for your interest in providing scholarships for students at Immanuel University...
Partnering with India’s poorest students to reach for a brighter future through Graduate Education.
A life-changing partnership!

Immanuel University is unique in that it seeks to serve the destitute youth of India. Our mission is to empower the so called socially backward and economically impoverished students with a hand up through higher education.  Immanuel offers a MBA and a masters of education.

This year’s MBA graduates who landed jobs are joining us, to provide scholarships to the students.
Will you join us and provide scholarships toward Immanuel University students? A partial scholarship is $30 per month, while a full scholarship is $90 per month.

Ways you can be involved include:

PRAY: We invite you to pray for Immanuel University's students, staff and administration. For more information, contact Diane Kurtz: diane.kurtz@arbor.edu

GIVE: We welcome your gift of any amount. You can give online or by mail: Free Methodist Foundation, Box 580, Spring Arbor, MI 49283. Please mark your designation in the memo line of your check as "Immanuel University Scholarship College of Education" or "Immanuel University Scholarship School of Business". Or click here to give online and choose "Friends of Immanuel Univ".

GO: If you are interested in traveling to India, to experience the culture first-hand and to see Immanuel University, please contact David Goodnight at (206) 999-1054 or drgoodnight@stoel.com. It is a life-changing experience.