The Free Methodist Foundation offers many resources that can support your stewardship. These are offered through the three centers of expertise within the Foundation which are GuideStream Financial, the Investment & Loan Fund and Estate and Gift Planning.

How Can We Serve You?
We can support you by offering guidance in financial planning, expert investment management, estate planning, and charitable giving.
Organizational clients benefit from the management of investment portfolios, retirement plans, funds in endowments and designated gifts.

Free Methodist Churches & Organizations
Free Methodist groups can also secure loans for building programs and other capital improvements to advance the work of your ministry.

Please take a moment to review the items below. To begin a conversation please contact us or call 800.325.8975.

Planning Resources Investing Resources Giving Resources
How to Plan Investment Strategy Planned Giving
Financial Planning FM Investment *   
Retirement Planning    
Estate Planning    

*only available in states where authorized

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